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Rehau announced the launch of new smart plumbing manifold provides plumbers flexible, easy to install water distribution system, while providing customers with reliable and space-saving solutions. 

Fully WRAS approval of the manifold is considered suitable for a range of domestic and light commercial applications. Space in the building and construction of its compact design means that it can be easily installed in a utility cabinet or other restricted areas is at a premium. 

Ruikang using intelligent connection system, a secure connection to the integrated manifold from the duct is said to be completed quickly and efficiently, to ensure cleanliness and safety of the installation, while a separate connection may be accomplished by the isolation ball valve. The modular nature of the system means that it is highly customizable, allowing to add more manifold when required, any unused port can be easily closed. This system is also applicable to a need to assign the "partition" a particular water, alone building area. 

With the exception of on-site construction technology used in more and more extensive construction projects, smart pipe manifold is said to work particularly well in these cases. The system can be designed and installed in the factory pipeline in place fast and secure connection, saving time and effort, not overlooked. 

Rehau product manager Drew Clough said: "We believe that many of the features and advantages of our intelligent piping system make it a truly game-changing plumbing and building services industry, especially by its compact design provides the ability to optimize space. even in the most stressful situations, saving the time factor for the installer is a huge advantage. 

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Furthermore, the manufacturing process using high-quality materials to ensure that installers and end users can rely on the durability and reliability of ball use and precise partition means that it can also be a direct service, and quickly isolate any problems so quickly diagnose and repair time. 

"we have the ability to skillfully control water distribution, without the need for large and bulky manifold, we have from installers and plumbers there received very positive feedback, they used a smart pipe manifold. "This is a very convenient and economical water management solutions, we believe it will soon become a true market leader."

Modular and flexible design means that the capacity can be varied and increased cross-section to facilitate more pipe connections. Cutting the lid can close any ports not needed, and different devices may use the same port, and add a "splitter." 

Ball is a polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) made of a polymer which is a high performance, it does not degrade over time, unlike many conventional metal alternatives, because the polymer is stabilized potential plastic leak harmful to the water supply is avoided. 

India has easily off in many areas. Therefore, the generator has become one of the most popular appliances, in almost every home and office today. People use portable generator or a standby generator if necessary. However, the two generators will need accessories to work properly. Let's look at some of the most common accessories generators currently in use. 

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Generator power distribution board 
to the generator and connect your home circuit is the most important. Therefore, each generator is equipped with a generator power board to ensure the secure transmission of power from the generator to the household circuit. When used with a portable generator, the power distribution board is also referred to the power transmission assembly. 

The benefits of using the power board is that it allows you to eliminate the widespread use of wires running everywhere and wires. You can transfer switches connected to various circuits in the home and office, and the use of the generator during a power outage. 

Generator power board made of? 
The switch panel and a generator power inlet box. These boxes of different size and capacity, depending on power demand. For portable generator may be rated 50 amps tank inlet port. Typically, these intake box is mounted outside the home or factory, located inside the switch. 

switch are basically two types, the manual switch and the automatic transfer switch. Manual switch asked to turn off the switch when manually, in the case of an automatic transfer switch, the process is automatic. 

Plans to transform your bathroom into an oasis of your dreams? Then you'd better fix the plumbing.

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