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fast joint coupling for electrical water supply pvc pipe

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Atlanta-Eckardt Electric project manager mandated to oversee the installation Kendeda building wires and fixtures in order to achieve sustainable and innovative design. Two engineering companies --PAE engineer in Portland, Atlanta and Newcomb & Boyd - responsible for building mechanical and electrical design, Swensen and his team only a single and difficult task: electrical sub-residential buildings contractor must ensure that all of the materials they use "red list" from the challenge residential building containing toxic chemicals. 

Think about it: Now before any products in your table are what Swenson said, he described the painstaking process allows manufacturers to share what materials contained in their products, ask questions of the architect, and look where necessary? alternatives. "You really do not know what was inside, sometimes manufacturers do not know this information. It is not as simple as it sounds." 

Find no red list of products that meet the specifications of the project is like playing games like Mole. A product may not contain a harmful chemical substance, but containing another; an alternative to the chemical substance may not contain this, but the third containing dangerous toxins. In addition to manufacturers, due to some reasons we all know, even environmentally friendly LED lights may contain lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. 

However, for Eckardt, the decision on a material is more important than other decisions, because it compares a really bad actors and a healthy, beautiful alternatives. PVC is one of the most widely used in the construction industry of harmful substances. PVC is mainly used for sewage pipes and wiring ducts, there are problems at every stage of its life cycle. In the manufacturing process, workers and nearby communities may be harmed; gas users within the building will cause harm; and, after treatment, it's disintegration would contaminate groundwater. 

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PVC pipe is commonly used in irrigation pipes and electrical conduits. It rigidity, did not allow bending. And that the elbow coupling path actuating PVC possible, but a better method is to bend without breaking or kinking polyvinylchloride it.

AmJohnny share a curved guide PVC pipe, using a hair dryer and 1/2 inch drain auger. Drain hole auger is inserted into the PVC pipe to prevent bending, since the bent PVC pipe is very difficult to get straight again. Heating point on a PVC pipe with a hair dryer, and then slowly applying pressure to the place you want to bend. 

Once the desired angle of bend, can be removed by an auger. This technique is ideal for maneuvering corners and other PVC pipe around the walls while maintaining the flushing. When the heating and bending PVC, slowly, almost every time you will have a successful outcome. 

As part of efforts to assess the existing riser system, one operator launched a check and test plan to investigate the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) served nearly 10 years abandoned the riser. This is a unique opportunity to assess the state after such a long life and a threaded riser coupling, and to assess the remaining life of the riser system. Specifically, this is an observation and measurement of the actual service life (instead of calculating the conditions of use) and the opportunity to influence pipeline connected pair. These findings provide valuable insights into the feasibility of future similar riser system. 

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Constitution joist first put into use in 2005. The rod has a Dry Tree six and two subsea production riser recoil. It is located in the Green Canyon area GOM, depth of nearly 5,000 feet. Production riser into operation in 2006. By 2015, the company decided to give up a few mouthfuls of dry well. People interested in the study of the riser to assess the remaining life is high. Special attention pipe diameter (OD) or inner diameter (ID) corrosion, signs of cracking or wear, corrosion and seawater into the joint caused by bare metal. 

The completed paper including a detailed discussion of the original design, testing and first-run; This introduction will focus on the testing and evaluation services. 

Riser drawing, evaluation and testing 
and review. By the end of 2015, based on an internal assessment of the company, the company pulled a few production risers. In order to verify the remaining life of the riser and help make decisions on the future life of the threaded coupling risers and riser, riser operator then conducted a detailed examination.

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