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The original stem may be too short. When Fabian Barrell (Fabien Barel) Lexus team to Richmond (Mondraker) playing in 2012, he is a former rider geometry. I remember when he introduced a pre-production of Foxy, it has a very long top tube, a very steep seat tube angle and a crazy 15 mm offset stem. When we rode together in a small house located Bareire road near France Les Gus, I asked a lot of questions about stem to him. 

When asked why Mondraker at the age of 15 and stopped and did not do a bias rod, the former world champion frankly: "We tried bias rod, but turned too unstable dollar to .15 enough, maybe 20 dollars better " 
Mondraker Foxy FG side view 
Fabian Barrell 2012 Richmond Mubarak · Fu Kexi short shoots break through the boundaries - maybe a little too far. 

Today, the length of the valve stem has recovered from 50 mm to 35 mm (if you add a combination of P-dent Pacenti stem and stem length 20 mm). When I changed the handlebar, experienced a similar instability, I think Barrell discovery. The new handlebar similar numbers, but I later discovered, 35 mm in conjunction with a bicycle handlebar, the steering shaft my hands is the same - I believe that this position is close to the zero offset Mondraker handlebar. I measured a lot of curiosity combination handlebar and handlebar, handlebar find your choice of brands, as well as set the angle you can change the effective length of the handlebars more than 50%. 

The theory MTB steering system when the driver's hand on the front of the steering shaft, the steering system will be stabilized in some manner. I chose a handlebar having a different degree of curvature, so that, a bicycle steering system returned to normal. Hand position only a thin 10 mm.

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The strange thing is, I have participated in a variety of motorcycle racing, almost every handlebar regarded my hand on the steering wheel or rear axle. There is no problem of instability. The difference is that, you grabbed motorcycle by the legs, so your body will not be affected by the steering wheel input. However, when mountain biking, your point of contact is often the handlebars and pedals. In most cases, the grip has a forward pressure, so grasp the steering shaft will be placed in front of steering from the center, which has become a stabilizing force. Fabian Barrell is a smart guy. 

Before we discuss further, please handlebar stem and a welded structure is considered, rather than two members. In reality, the position of your hand, with respect to the fork steering tube is the only important part of the equation. Imagine three points of a triangle, two of each in the middle of the grip, a rod of the central screw adjustment headset. This is a very slow triangle, the stem of 50 mm is now considered to be long, only leeway less than 30 mm, before the rotation angle adjustment and mop, these lines converge to barrell danger zone. 

Because of the high demand for security is understandable, marshal - tufflex Professional Solutions team and project contractors Whitehead Building Services professional cooperation, to find a solution to installation problems. Professional Cable Management Solutions team to solve complex and challenging problems designers, consulting engineers and contractors encountered in-house designers to provide solutions combine functionality, security and modern style. 

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Marshall - tufflex Maxi data cluster includes a series of slow corners and accessories. For this project, a 100-year level 90⁰ clear x50mm relay with internal and external bending range is used to provide a quick check to ensure that nothing can be hidden in them. 20mm and 25mm transparent pipe with terminal box and accessories to complete the project, the product can order production in just three weeks holiday. 

Whitehead Building Services Project Engineer Jason Eunson commented: "Marshall - tufflex is the only company able to meet the project-specific product and compliance requirements of the company, with other potential suppliers the ability to create different materials in such a short period of time proved. its production capacity. "

63 amps power track under the floor, the floor complete pre-assembled mounting bracket and the end cap, and floor connector mounting brackets are also used. This is compatible with pre-wired floor boxes and MT32 available standard or CE (Clean Earth) version. 

Here, we'll show you how to install and seal a standard, straight, closed with double acrylic bathtub faucet holes, as well as how to install the faucet, bathtub waste, trap and bath panel 
There are many other designs to choose from Bath , but keep in mind they may have different fitting requirements, so be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions 
if you are replacing an existing bath and plumbing needs only minor adjustments.

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