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Atlanta - during the AHR Expo, tools buzzing on Uponor booth, Daniel Wome (Daniel Worm) has been busy showing new transitional device in the company. On the stand, visitors saw his expansion of plastic pipe, and use the latest Uponor ProPEX LF pressure brass copper adapter and Milwaukee Tool Company (Milwaukee Tools) of M18 ProPEX expansion tool, without using flame , the pressure-sensitive adhesive to achieve a transition from copper. 

Uponor company in December 2018 launched ProPEX lead-free copper press adapters. 

Read more about the 
2019 World Expo airway hyperresponsiveness 
in a February 18 of 

any than ever. "With these new transition fittings, with our flameless solution will be incorporated into the existing copper PEX piping systems when they are safer and easier, "Doug Fulton, senior director of sector, investment portfolio and innovative marketing said. "They also feature a patented design, can safely secure the pipes together, without the need for stainless steel loop." 

Run demo is Worm, he led the audience to complete the entire process. 

He said: "Many of our customers are using copper press system, especially for larger diameter pipes." "Once you get into these 2½ inches and 3 inches in size, by sweating more sense than copper or copper brazing welding of copper, as many people used to do. in addition, there is a big push, and the heat of the flame away from the work site, especially in the wood-frame construction. we have many customers in the old, historic wooden buildings the re-laying of pipeline - obviously, wood and fire do not mix well together, which allows us to really improve our product transition adapter we used to have copper sweat adapter which allows a flameless transition, so they... does not have to be intense to work there. " 

Uponor brass press Propex LF copper adapter and Milwaukee tool company M18 ProPEX extension tool. - ACHR News
No heat: using Uponor ProPEX LF pressure brass and copper adapter Tools Company Milwaukee M18 ProPEX expansion tool may transition from the copper to the adhesive without flame, glue or solvents. 

For this application, you first complete the connection which does not really matter, because there is no related to the torch. 

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Worm said: "Once you have completed the adapter end of the press, you'll be able to complete its ProPEX end." "Here, you have an outside pipe with PEX-A pipe ProPEX ring ring continues, then we have Milwaukee. expansion tool as we do, we actually expanded pipelines - have shape memory, so it will shrink. 

"no heat," he added. "this is purely mechanical. You can them immediately after the connection is completed stress tests; no wait time. No flame, no glue, without solvent, we can be connected directly to the copper Uponor PEX. " 

In the opposite stand, a radiation system model demonstrates another innovative Uponor piping systems: radiation pad .Uponor do some leg work to arrange print, and for planning and product labeling, as its name implies as the installer simply expand and connect them. 

Uponor's radiant pad .- ACHR News 
Quick pipeline: Uponor company uses radiation pad at the Cleveland clinic (Cleveland clinic) radiation of a project, its speed is the traditional device . 8 times 

Kevin Hoffman Uponor North America • external public relations manager, said: "radiation pad traditional way and we install radiant floor is slightly different. "" It is prefabricated in the factory, and the reverse design, each part bubbling, it has been packed and labeled tag, ready to install. "So, if the building is really great, you have a quadrant: one kind of north, south east and the concept of the West."

Cheap plastic water pipe fitting Price

Advanced drainage system, Inc. ( "Ad" or the "Company"), a leading global manufacturer of water management products and solutions for commercial, residential, infrastructure and agricultural applications, recently announced the acquisition of infiltrators Water Technologies, a leader the purchase price in the field of wastewater treatment septic about $ 1.08, from a subordinate of the Ontario teachers' pension plan and other shareholders. 

"We are very pleased to join forces infiltrators, we know a good company, and over the years as one of our long-term strategic partner," said Scott Barber, President and CEO of advertising. "Infiltrator is a natural fit for us, for our customers and will work with our growth strategy, the main driving force to accelerate our plans to develop three-year contract, margin expansion and cash flow generation, we announced our last day investors. this acquisition will enable us to provide a more comprehensive water management solutions for a wider range of customers, and expand our potential opportunities in attractive and relevant on-site septic tank business. we are pleased We can implement best practices in our business, particularly in innovation, operational excellence and recycling capabilities.

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