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ASUS RT-AX88U (US $ 349.99) is one of the first to enter our lab Wi-Fi router, it introduces the next generation of Wi-Fi technology. Equipped with the latest 802.11ax circuit, this expensive router in our tests fast 160Mhz throughput and faster file transfer speeds, although the conventional 802.11ac performance did not break the record, but also very stable. If you want your home network will not be affected in the future, this is a good choice, but you need the latest client devices to take advantage of all of its performance enhancements, and these functions are now difficult to obtain. 

Brief 6 Wi-Fi 
Wi-Fi 6, also known as wireless 802.11ax or efficient (HE), is the latest Wi-Fi protocol. 802.11ac technology development, 802.11ax commitment to improve throughput speeds (up to 4.8Gbps), reduce network congestion, greater client capacity and better range performance, thanks to several new and improved wireless technology . Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) by the Wi-Fi channel into sub-channels to improve overall throughput. This allows up to 30 users simultaneously share a channel. Target wake time (the TWT) allows the device to determine when the aims and wake-up time to begin sending and receiving data is long, thereby reducing power consumption. Use target wake time is expected to extend the battery life of battery-powered smart home device battery life of smart phones and tablet PCs and other mobile devices, as well as security cameras and video doorbell. 

Wi-Fi - 6 further using previously unused radio frequencies to help improve the performance of 2.4GHz, and the use of improved uplink and downlink bandwidth management to provide enhanced QoS (Quality of Service). It also provides uplink and downlink MU-MIMO stream (802.1 lac only supports a downlink MU-MIMO). 802.11ax is backward compatible, and compatible with the use of older 802.11a / b / g / n Wi -Fi enabled device, but only 802.11ax clients to leverage their enhanced performance and functionality, but unfortunately very little.

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Look familiar
Which slant top, front and side angles, and matt black completed, RT-AX88U looks almost the same RT-AC88U. Its size is 2.4 × 11.8 × 7.4 inch (the HWD), there are four movable antennas (two in the back, one on either side). The router at the front end of a USB 3.1 port, a Wi-Fi on / off button, a LED on / off button, and an LED array, indicated power, 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands activity, the WAN activity, LAN activity (per a port), USB activity and WPS activities. The rear panel contains eight gigabit LAN port, WAN port, a spare USB 3.1 port, a WPS button, a reset button, a power button and a power jack. 

In the past decade, the Golden State's geographical map is almost always yellow, orange and red. These colors indicate that climate scientists use, beginning in late 2011 drought situation continued until early 2019, causing ecological damage, death from a large number of salmon fishing industry, to destroy the pine forests of the Sierra Nevada. 376 weeks continued drought this also make the United States the most populous state lost billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs, which the California agricultural sector were the hardest hit. 

California may be the canary in the coalmine. According to the US Government Accountability Office (US Government Accountability Office) said that the next 10 years, 40 states expect water shortages will occur. The situation is very serious, but California's entrepreneurs, they are seeking to increase supply and curb demand, providing a glimmer of hope. The state start-ups are taking advantage of the field of waste water treatment and monitoring of cutting-edge technology to produce billions of gallons of drinking water. They also adopted to improve efficiency and ensure that every drop of water is valuable to promote water conservation. 

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The definition of drought is complex, but it is mainly based on the impact on water users. During the California crisis, surface water and groundwater are being depleted, forcing many communities to choose between drinking water and agricultural irrigation. In poor areas, people see their wells run dry fertilizers and pesticides or pollution. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (US Environmental Protection Agency), and about 10% of California's drinking water wells contaminated by nitrates, exceeding safety standards.

Gas flow from the power source register is easy to measure. Covered with equilibration cover grille, air flow measurements displayed on the screen. Measuring the flow of water is not easy. Since the water system is closed before the measurement and adjustment system water flow balancing valve must be installed in the pipeline. 

Let's see how the water is measured by balancing traffic. 

Most technical personnel more than measuring the water line in terms of airflow measurement. This paper introduces the basic principles of balancing valve flow measurement.

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